Venor Polska is an energy trading and distribution company with specialist knowledge of the liquid petroleum gas (LPG) market in the Central and Eastern European region.

Founded by a team with over 15 years of experience in this dynamic market, Venor Polska has positioned itself as the premium solution for customers looking for an efficient and responsible source of supply.

Our long-term relationships with some of Europe's largest and most reputable LPG organisations (WLPGA) and suppliers, including our partner Vitol ensures our customers have access to a consistent and flexible product offering. Our experienced commercial and operational team work tirelessly to ensure that all of our customers energy needs are met on time and on specification.


We have partnered with Vitol, one of the worlds largest energy trading companies. The partnership brings with it preferential access to the molecules and facilities owned or controlled by them.

We are their chosen Buyer and distributor of products destined for the Eastern European region. Our partnership with Vitol strengthens our ability to offer a wide-range of product specifications and origins supported by a robust distribution network which ensures on time delivery.

About Us

Founded in 2020, we specialise in the sourcing and distribution of LPG, with a key focus on the markets of Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy. In addition to these key markets we have wide-reaching distribution networks in Western Europe.

Thanks to our experienced and reputable team we have seen our business grow exponentially in our first period of operation and this growth is set to continue as we remain at the forefront of supplying the regions emerging energy needs. Each member of the team has a unique set of technical expertise, extensive commercial and market knowledge, and proven record of successful LPG sourcing and delivery.


We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of our customers needs as well as the complexities of the markets in which they operate. We take care in sourcing the most optimal supply and contract all of our logistics providers to extremely high standards ensuring our products are delivered on time and on specification.

Products that we offer to our customers include Propane, Butane, mix of them and special types like N-Butane. We are also able to source niche product grades and specifications should our customers request this.

We deliver product via rail, via truck and in tank from warehouse locations in northern and southern Poland.

Please contact us for any requirements that you would like to discuss.

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